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Crows Va. Hunting Land

( This property is currently leased )

Crows Va. Woodlot & Cabin This hunting camp is in Billy Goat Land. This is in a steep mountainous region of Va. within one mile of West Virginia in Allegheny County, near Crows on Rt. 311. This property consists of 2 parcels. One 160 ac. and a 25 ac. tract. The property has 150 yds of frontage on the east side of Rt. 311 about 1.5 miles from I-64. As you face the property from Rt. 311, the tract goes over the top of the first mountain. The cabin is on the top back side of the mountain. There is a small outhouse near the cabin. The cabin is not large, good for 2 or 3 people. You need 4 wheel drive to access the cabin. Its a long walk up to it. There are a couple of fields at the top of the mountain. The tract was recently clear cut and replanted. Small seedlings are already planted. These tree seedlings have taken well and are providing excellent forage and cover for the wildlife. Whenever we visit the site we usually find deer turkey and grouse. There are shell fossils in the creek that runs back up to the mountain. We have not found any indian artifacts on this property. We would like to have a long term hunter who will take care of the property and enjoy the quite surroundings. There are deer, bear, and turkey ect. . This is a big woods area. The property adjoins the George Washington National Forest in the back of the property. This National Forest is thousands of acres! We have owned this property for 30 years and rarely use it. It is watched closely by my nephew who lives nearby.
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Entrance to property on Rt311 in Crows

Going up the Mountain to the Camp. In some places this road in steep and rough. You may need to do some work on it at times as it can wash out in spots. There certainly will not be any traffic jams on this road!

Cabin on Top of Mountain

Topo of acreage on adjacent to Rt. 311. This shows area that has been undergoing a clear cut. There is an 25 additional acres adjacent to the right side of the timber cut on which is the cabin. The cabin is on the back side of the mountain.

Map showing where property is located.

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