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Dublin Pa. Goose Hunting on Our Pond

Just 1 mile from Dublin Boro is our small farm we call,"The Rice Farm". It is on 27 acres that is planted with nursery stock except on a 1 acre area that has a small 40' pond. This small pond can attract upwards to 1000 geese at a time. Last year before we planted this field there sometimes would be 20-50,000 Geese at a time. On the 15 acre field you cold walk across it stepping on geese and never touch the ground. This year with less open ground there are less geese but yet there can be geese by thousands in this field.

This pic was taken Jan 10, 2006.

I could still miss, but I would have to be a real poor aim!

2 Miles East of Dublin is Our Stonebarn Nursery Goose Hunting Fields

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Rules for Highland Hill Farm Hunting

1) Hunters must post when they will hunt on our Highland Hill Farm Hunters Blog Highland Hill Farm Hunters
2) Post where you will hunt on the different farms in Dublin and Fountainville Pa
3) STANDS ARE PERMITTED....but must be removed at end of season.
4) You agree to be liable for all losses or accidents.
5) No drugs or alcohol permitted on farm.
6) You must stay on our property...no exceptions.
7) Do not ask permission from neighbors...They don't want you...
8) You agree to follow all Pa hunting regulations.
9) Hunters must signup and be on our emailing and post each day in our office notice of where you are going to hunting.
10) Hunters must bring 1 6x6x12ft
exterior grade fence post each day they hunt. Drop off at designated areas.
11) Dogs are permitted but must be trained well enough to stay on our property.

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Property Lines of the Bucks County Farms

Ferry Rd Farm in Fountainville

Dublin Pa area farm at 509 Forest Rd

Rt 313 Farm in Fountainville where office is located

Local History of the town of Dublin, PA Where our farm is located.