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We are located at 5275 West Swamp Rd. Fountainville Pa. 18923 in Central Bucks County Near Doylestown Pa..
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Highland Hill Farm ...Were Open 7 Days/Week...7am To 6pm

We ship from Fountainville Pa our trees and shrubs for homeowners, landscapers and garden centers. Call us at 215 651 8329 with your landscape questions. Bill Hirst

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Are Your Evergreens turning color in the fall? Reasons...

Arborvitae - Were Ready To Load Your Truck! We May Also Be Able To deliver and or Plant For You!!!

Yes, we have the ability to deliver and plant most of our trees and shrubs. We can deliver to most areas and in many cases we have the staff to plant the stock for you. We can also sell and install watering systems to help you maintain and establish your plants. Call us at 215 651 8329 ... or if you have any questions, please Email Us . My email address is

Note if you pick up at the farm or just need them dropped off we will do that 215 651 8329 for a price quote and availability.
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    1. Arrowhead Hunting on our Milan Pa Farms We have 1200 acres in Milan Pa. Where we allow walking and digging for arrowheads for a fee. This was once the site of an Indian Village so there is material to be found!!!!!!!

    2. Our Truth or Consequences Ranch in New MexicoOur Fling X Ranch is a must for hunters of arrowheads, fossils, dino bones, and meteorites. Read about our 5000 plus or minus acres of private ranch land that is open for your relic hunting.

    3. Our Recent Hunts
    Read about our recent trips and adventures....also info on some of our other locations....

    4. American Arborvitae - Durable and easy to plant
    Read about one of the best plants for your landscape...

    5. Items I find, bought, or traded for...
    See items and things that Bill has to sell or barter with..

    6. More Items I find, bought, or traded for...
    See items stored at our Ferry Road Farm in Fountainville Pa.

    7. Do you want cheap landscaping material????
    Find Out About Our Rock Challenge in Fountainville Pa.

    8. Reserve a Boulder!!! Click Here!!!

    9. Do you want cheap - High Quality Nursery Stock?
    Our fields are sold so our trees, plants, and shrubs must be liquidated. 30 acres must be emptied by June of 2007....

    10. Do you want an ez to plant tree??
    Digging a tree for your yard? Plant a White Pine. It easy to grow and durable.

    11. Questions emailed to us and our answers to common problems.

    12. Barter away your surplus for nursery stock
    Tired of those surplus, unwanted items, things you stumble over in the garage? Trade them away for our nursery stock ....We are serious about getting rid of our trees plants and shrubs...

    13. Want Free Rocks?.....
    Tired of paying for rocks and boulders... Go to our ranch and collect some....Bring us afew in return...Plus, there are things to do while at the ranch.

    14. Want Free Rocks? Bring us your unusual bugs.....
    Tired of paying for rocks and boulders... Go to our ranch and collect some....Brings us afew Bugs go home with trades from our farm and nursery. We are starting The Bucks County Bug Museum of Fountainville.

    We sell a full line of palletized bags of stone, pebbles, sand and topsoil products.

    Leyland Cypress Trees We Deliver and Plant

    Our range of potted Leylands are from 2' to 6' in height.

    Specials for this month: Its HOT and VERY DRY... You Need To Water Your Trees and Shrubs

    Drip Water Kits..... Save a Tree...Save on Water ....Watering Kits Save Trees and Shrubs from this Drought

    Leyland Cypresses in pots we sell

    Eastern White Pine Trees In Winter

    Grows To 150', Zone 4. The White Pine is a native five needle Pine.

    Extreme Damage To A Leyland Cypress By Mice><br>


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    Green giant Arborvitae is the most popular landscape tree for screening because they grow quickly and are disease and drought resistant. The Giant is hardly to USDA Zone 5 and can be planted 5-8 ft apart. Yes, they can grow 3 ft a year if all conditions are favorable.

    Thuja Green Giant.... The Most Popular Screening Tree