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Our NY Farms and Woodlot Hunting Properties

Below are pictures of many of the farms and ranches of the Highland Hill Farm in NY State.
Properties owned by the Hirst Family. These are not all of the farms that are available that are owned by the Hirst Family. More farms and properties will be added to this list. For many properties there are few pictures available. More will be posted. Check back to see them later.


Locke NY 200 ac Hunting Lands

This 200 acre property is located on Conforti Rd near Clover Leaf and Hurley Dr. near Locke NY. See our property on google Earth here... The land has about 200 acres of mature timber. Sorry we have no photos at this time.

Rowe Farm #2 ..... 238acres Cortland County NY near Virgil Tax Parcel # 138-1-21.11
Address is 2512 Rt392 Virgil NY. On both sides of Rt 392
Post Farm ANDOVER, NY... Post Farm 511 acres Steuben County NY near Hartsville Tax Parcel # 230.00-01-015

Town of Hartsville
Steuben County
511 Acres m/l
Google Map Location of the Post Farm

Looking at the Farm Pond On Post Road at the Farm View Looking at a Farmstead More Pastures Fields on the Farm Fields  on the Farm Pond On the farm Pond Area Pond

Cretser Farm
238 Acres Schuler County NY Near Hector Tax Parcel # 10-1-24.1 & 21.1
Antwerp Ny Farm 400+ ac

This 400+ acre property is located about one mile from the town of Austin N.Y.. This land is mostly in grass with acres of trees surrounding each field. The property is currently an operating dairy farm. This property gets tons of snow as it get lake effect snows. We estimate that there 200 acres open and 200 acres wooded. There are no large hills as it is mostly flat. We have owned this land for a number of years. There are not tons of deer but the deer tend to be large bodied deer.

Photo of boundary lines

View of property from the road.

Little Falls NY Woodlot 160 acre woodlot on Stahl Rd.

Little Falls NY Hunting Land

This 160 acre property is located on Stahl Rd., a seasonal road a few miles north of Little Falls NY. See our property on google Earth here... The land has about 40 ac. open and the balance is wooded. There are farm fields, light brush, old orchards, light woods, heavy woods, and a small brook which goes through the forest. There are no nearby resident neighbors.

Photo of property from air showing property lines.

View of property from Shahl Rd. looking towards woods.

Another view across fields towards woods.

Tubbs Farm (296 acres)....Milan Pa

Our Our Milan Pa Farm Milan Pa Farm View on Our Milan Farm View on Our Milan Farm View on Our Milan Farm More pictures of the Tubbs Farm

Rowe Farm (320 Acres)....Milan Pa

Milan Pa Farm Milan Pa Farm Milan Pa Farm More pictures of the Rowe Farm

Harris Farm (240 acres)....Milan Pa

Milan Pa Farm Our other Milan Area Farms Include:

Tubbs Farm...........296 acres
Temple Woodlot....... 20 acres
Griffiths Woodlot....110 acres
Harris Farm..........240 acres
Page Farm #2.........160 acres
Rowe Farm............320 acres
Judson Hill Property...180 acres
Gillete Pa Farms

Our Our Gillete Pa Farm Milan Pa Farm
Gillete Pa. Hunting

The Stonebarn Tree Farm... Fountainville... Bucks County Pa

The Stonebarn Tree Farm

Click here to see a Video..Goose Huntng lands around our Stonebarn Nursery

Click here to see a Video..A Flock of Geese flying over our Stonebarn Nursery

The Dans Tree Farm... Ferry Rd Fountainville Pa

Dans Farm on Ferry Road In Fountainville Pa 18923

Rice Farm.... Dublin Pa... Bucks County

Our Dublin Pa  Farm Dublin Pa Farm Dublin Pa Farm

Little Falls NY Woodlot

Our NY Farm NY Herkimer County Woodlot View on Our NY Woodlot Little Falls NY Hunting on 150 ac track

Our Crows Va Woodlot

Our Crows Va Woodlot app 185 acres Our Crows Va Woodlot app 185 acres Our Crows Va Woodlot app 185 acres Our Crows Va Woodlot app 185 acres  Topo of acreage on adjacent to Rt. 311. This shows area that has been clear cut. There is an 25 additional acres adjacent to the right side of the timber cut on which is the cabin. The cabin is on the back side of the mountain. Our Crows Va Woodlot app 185 acres Crows Va. Hunting



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Some properties have accommodations... Ranging from rough to real rough. This club is being formed with the idea that members will provide there own lodging. Each Farm and Ranch is set up differently. Our Flying X Ranch which has 92,000 deeded and government leased acres has a 2 rough cabins. Members can will be allowed to work out an arrangement to use these cabins so long as it does not interfere with the ranches operations. The leased acres are open to the general public we just have Grazing leases. But our private acreage has many of the accesses necessary for the public areas.

In Pa we have about 1500 acres.
In NY we have about 560 acres.
In Va we have about 185 acres.
In Montana at our Wilson Ranch there is Glenna and she can feed and house hunters for a fee or you can stay in town... 25 miles away. This ranch is about 28,000 acres more or less. Deeded and leasehold.

Near Glena's Wilson Ranch to the east, we own the Haser Ranch.. It is about 8,000 deeded and leased acres.

Adjacent to Glenna on the east is part of the Dan Simmonson Ranch which we have bought several sections of.

South of Glenna's we own the Willamson Ranch which is 1800 acres.

Near Whitewater we own about 1800 acres.

Near Havre on the Milk River we have 4000 acres and a 25 acre stocked trout pond.

Please support our tree farm buy the trees we grow...we will buy more land for hunting!!! Visit Our Tree Farm Web Site!!!

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